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Photography & graphic design

My name is Sue, and I am photographer and graphic designer creating a modern and clear design in a wide range of graphics stuff: websites (based on html templates), corporate identity, marketing etc. Interested in using social media for better and personal touch with people who like my work or need my services.

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My passion, especially for night city and land scapes. See my portfolio on 500px or YouPic. I'm also big fan of Instagram.

Marketing design

Speaking on behalf of your company, group ... Essential part of your company promotion. From flyers to billboards. Reach potential clients interested in your products by clean, clear and modern design.

Corporate design

Graphics associated with own identity and presentation of companies, firms, groups ... The components of corporate design are: logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes postage, and last, but not least it can be a web page.


Simple html websites based on beautiful template for your portfolio or company presentation.

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name: Zuzana Nagyová SUEWEB
address: 1. mája 33 | 902 01 Pezinok | Slovakia
contact me:
ID No.: 45517371 | Tax ID No.: 1047541792 | I'm not VAT payer.